Associate Director
I’ve always loved teaching people. My friends call me up when they need to settle a debate because I’ve garnered the reputation as the one always busting out random facts and explaining things to people. At about every stage of schooling I thought about how awesome it would be to be a teacher. When I was in middle school I assumed that sixth graders were the coolest people around (I was very naive) and I should make a profession of hanging out and teaching them. Same story when I got to high school. When I got to college, I was blown away by the quantum leap in challenge and intellectual stimulation that I was experiencing. I loved learning and helping my peers, but it wasn’t until I joined GIIP that I truly got an opportunity to explore my passion for teaching. I joined GIIP in the Winter session and quickly gravitated towards PUEDE, the education working group. I asked what I could do for them and the answer was anything. I could do anything and they’d help me figure out how. I decided to assist in our summer institute, the yearly tech camp. Basically the whole team was graduating and that left coordination duties to me. Needless to say, I was intimidated. The thing is though, GIIP is a collection of people. Passionate, supportive people, in fact. The kind of people that want to succeed and want everyone around them to succeed as well. They told me I could do it, and that was all I needed. I can’t describe how empowering a feeling it is when your peers and professors tell you that waiting for graduation to do something amazing isn’t going to cut it. You can do it now and we know that you can. So get to it.