Fellows are students who’ve completed the 30 series and typically have implemented their own projects (sometimes multiple times!). They teach the research sections and tech labs while designing new ones.

Fellows are responsible for recruitment, aspects of fundraising, and act as peer mentors for current 30 series students. The fellows are self managing and are understood to be the true governing body of the Everett Program.

They are Everett’s owners, operators, and key stake holders.

This Year’s Cohort :

April Laks

Alexandra Munoz

Autumn Hill

Christina De Leon

David Saenz

Emily Lewis

Harrison Fox

Hillary Asher

Isabelle Donohoe

Jake Hadden

Jessi Danenhauer

Jesus Quiroz

Jonathan Winston

Karina Cruz Rosales

Kayla Gomez

Kimberlie Sullivan

Lily Corlett

Lily Nauta

Marie Deshetler

Mark Arenas

Matthew Oey

Maximillian Grieser

Miles Klieman

Molly Dick

Raymond Donovan

Savanna Christy

Sofia-Lissett Kooner

Tanya Kapoor


Dr. Chris Benner, Executive Director

Katie Roper, Program Director

Juhee Kang, role

Sierra Topp, Publicity & Communications Manager

Amber Holguin, Impactathon Coordinator

Advisory Boards

Global Advisory Board

Comprising thought leaders, social entrepreneurs, and folks from all walks of life, the Global Advisory Board (GAB) consults on high level strategy, guidance, and fundraising.

Mark Headley, Co-Chair of Global Advisory Board, Chairman of the Board, Matthews International Capital Management LLC,

Paul M. Lubeck, Former Executive Director and Co-Founder or the Everett Program. Currently Professor at the School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University

Michael J. Watts,   Class of 1963 Chair in Undergraduate Studies and Chancellors’ Professor, UC Berkeley

MaryJane Skjellerup, Central Valley Director, Center For Multi-Cultural Cooperation, Fresno, CA

Alicia Dwyer, Documentary Filmmaker,  Veracity Productions

Elijah Sparrow,  Founding Programmer, Riseup.net

Rehan Iftikhar: Senior Product Manager, Oracle

Yazmin Herrera: Assistant Program Director, Digital NEST

Allen Gunn: Executive Director, Aspiration

Rhys Thom: Design Lead, IDEO

Rebecca Wage: Customer Support Specialist, Socrata

Carmen Rojas, PhD: CEO, The Workers Lab

Luther Jackson: Program Manager, NOVA Workforce Board

Thomas Gelder: IT Collaboration & Systems Manger, Power California


Mai Sutton: Executive Director, Everett Alumni Foundation

Faculty Advisory Board

UCSC faculty members from multiple departments and divisions serve to help the Everett Program better serve our students and the campus as a whole.

Sue Carter, PBSci-Physics, Website

Steve McKay, Sociology, Website

Lise Getoor, Computer Science, Website

Flora Lu, Environmental Studies, Website

Ronnie Lipschutz, Politics, Website

Rob Fairlie, Economics, Website

Healther Bullock, Psychology, Website

Stacy Philpott, Environmental Studies, Website

Sylvanna Falcon, Latin American & Latino Studies, Website

David Lee, Technology and Information Management, Website

Notable Alumni

Alumni of the Everett Program and GIIP have graduated and moved into positions in diverse fields of work including private companies as well as civil society. This section is by no means exhaustive.

Are you an alumnus of the Everett Program or GIIP? Head over to the official website of the Everett Alumni Foundation and join the community!

MaryJane Skjellerup
MaryJane SkjellerupClass of 2004
One of the original group of students who started this whole thing, MaryJane has time and again affirmed her love and dedication to her home in the California Central Valley graduating in 2003. From director-level duties of the Center for Multicultural Cooperation, the Youth Leadership Institute, the Community Media Access Collaborative, and the Metro Ministry, to her current passion as the Entrepreneur in Residence at the Children’s’ Movement of Fresno, MaryJane works without rest to realize her life’s work.
Hasnain Nazar
Hasnain NazarClass of 2011
During his term as an Executive Fellow at Everett Hasnain helped to professionalize and enhance the tech curriculum. Afterward, Hasnain spent two years at the Berkeley iSchool to which he brought a very necessary ethic of social justice and social responsibility to his cohort. Post-graduation his internship blossomed into his full time current position as UX Product Manager at Workday. Hasnain remains very active in the Bay Area Muslim community.
Tara Celli
Tara CelliClass of 2013
During her Everett project, Tara fell in love with India. Specifically, the women and girls she met there who often grew up knowing nothing of their own bodies and being mistreated by those around them. After graduation, she moved to Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, India permanently to co-found Strength India, an organization that works directly with girls in after school engagement, feminine hygiene, and job training. She is in the process of establishing a for profit sanitary napkin producing company specializing in home delivery.
Ada Recinos
Ada RecinosClass of 2014
A typical shooting star, after changing the way Everett handles it’s complex array of relationships, and completing the Emerson National Hunger Fellowship with the Congressional Hunger Center, Ada went to work for Prospera Co-ops, an amazing business incubator that supports Latina entrepreneurs build cooperative businesses. On top of this she works tirelessly as Vice Chair of the Richmond Human Rights and Human Relations Commission.