There are a number of ways to support Everett Program and everett students. Chief among them is tax-deductible donation. Donations go to our general fund, but you may choose to designate how you wish us to use it. Just write your wishes into the text box labeled “Notes or Special Instructions for Your Gift.” Also, feel free to get in contact with us and we can talk about how you’d like to support the program


Everett Wish List

View our Amazon Wishlist and make our dreams come true.


We have no shortage of need for physical objects to have and appreciate.

  • Coffee: No office or organization can function at anywhere near full strength without that nutty black gold ambrosia. Help to keep Everett students caffeinated. Write in “Coffee Fund”.
  • A Comfy Couch: We’ve got fancy new digs, but no where comfortable to sit! Students love to work on their projects for hours on end but it gets difficult when all you have is office chairs. The Fellows and students are clamoring for somewhere to park and work (and maybe sleep). Write in “Couch Fund“.

Want to mail us a surprise? We love surprises! Send it on over to:

Everett Program
UCSC, Social Science 2, Psych Faculty Services
College Ten Road
Santa Cruz, CA

Digital Assets

We’ve got endless needs for cloud-based goods and services.

  • Flat Icon Subscription: We’ve been doing a ton of graphic design work for our partners and having a premium account from this awesome asset network would help us move more quickly. Plans.
  • WeVideo Plan: We’ve always done lots of video work with our partners, but anyone who has ever done such work knows what a pain it is to deal with video editing software. Software is often prohibitively expensive and free programs are poorly optimized. WeVideo is a cloud-based non-linear editing software that would make it much easier for us to teach video editing to our students. For $69/year our students can learn and produce unlimited, hi-res, videos from anywhere in the world. Plans.



  • Impactathons: One-to-Two-Day “all hands on tech” events where Everett students and Fellows work together to make a lasting impact with a partner organization. Whether it be staff trainings, website redesigns, or graphic design for our partners, Impactathons harness student passion to make a real impact on very short order. Check out this article written by the UCSC News Center on a recent Impactathon. Write in “Impactathon Fund” to let us know what you’re supporting.
  • Executive Fellows: The Executive Fellowship is one of the most important institutions for the growth and success of the Everett Program. Executive Fellows are recent grads who are hired on as full-time EP staff members. Executive Fellows act as managers of important Everett projects. The Impacathon Initiative is staffed and managed by Executive Fellow, Christine Ongjoco (who is killing it BTW) is proof of what our recent grads can do. Write in “Executive Fellow Fund” to let us know what you’re supporting.