Protecting the Livelihood of Street Hawkers

Flowers in the Krishna Rajendra Market.

It’s officially been more than a month since we’ve been in India! With only about two weeks left before we return to the States, we are beginning to wrap up the database. We’ve visited several markets and collected data from many vendors. Each market has been so unique, ranging from tens to hundreds of vendors. One of our favorites in particular is the Krishna Rajendra Market — a wholesale market where you can find fresh fruits, flowers, and vegetables right off the farmers trucks.

One of our biggest highlights happened this past week on Indian Independence Day. We were able to successfully send out  a phone call to all the members in our database wishing them a happy holiday in their regional language of Kannada. Many of the vendors were very pleased to receive the message and we hope to send out another call next week.

Celebrating Indian Independence Day with vendors from the Gandhinagar neighborhood.

For the rest of our trip, we will be troubleshooting our way through a few technical issues in order to ensure we leave a stable and secure platform. We are also planning a training session with the vendors themselves. Our team has made a lot of progress thus far and we are looking forward to finishing strong.

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