Everett Projects

The heart and soul of the Everett Program are student projects. College students  have a fire inside and want to change the world, but too often  are not given a chance to tackle the issues about which they so deeply care. We take student passion and help temper it with social enterprise and startup practices so that they can design a polished, doable project that will tackle their issue from their own unique angle. Everett projects take students across the globe, around the country, and out in the streets of our own county. Come and see what we’re capable of!

Since we began collecting these metrics in 2013, Everett Program students have helped hundreds of people directly through trainings and projects and thousands through the capacity they build and the people their partners reach! The below estimates take into account only projects reported on this page and do not take into account non-funded student projects.

People Served Directly
People Served Indirectly