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Market Value: How Fair Assessment of California’s Commercial Property Values Would Likely Affect Land Use, Urban Development and the Economy

Reforming our property tax system to assess commercial properties at their market value would provide a more equitable tax structure for businesses, while raising additional revenue for essential state services. But what would be the overall economic impact of such a reform? To what extent would increasing property taxes for large land owners hurt the California economy, resulting in lost jobs and economic output? To what extent would it improve economic performance and promote more efficient land use and urban development?

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Food Justice Quiz App

The 2015 Youth Empowerment Institute decided to take a break from teaching college access and switch gears to teaching girls to educate their peers about the plethora of issues regarding food justice. In partnership with the Food Chain Workers Alliance, the girls created an app that deals with: Healthy Eating Nutrition Myths Labor Rights Teen Health And More!  

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Filming Faces and Mapping Change – Coal Mining in South Africa

For my main project I completed a digital storytelling project on low-income black communities, in the rural areas of South Africa. The low-income communities of Johannesburg called townships, in South Africa, are increasingly being affected with pollution from mining corporations, with a particular emphasis on coal mining. Health deterioration is becoming more prevalent in these communities, due to: soil, air and water pollution.

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Diversity and Inclustion for the 21st Century Economy An Imperative for Chambers of Commerce

America is changing. Demographically, we are projected to become “majority-minority” before 2050; the big news is that this is no longer driven by immigration (which has, in fact, slowed) but rather by births in the U.S. That demographic inevitability has been accompanied by an unsettling shift in the American economy: while debates continue to occur about the respective roles of technology and international competition in either creating or destroying employment, it is clear that the average person’s sense of job security has withered in what was supposed to be an exciting and hopeful new economy.

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