Initiate Justice in the New Jim Crow


I am partnering with Initiate Justice, a non-profit organization in Oakland, CA that seeks to empower, organize, and mobilize Bay Area communities to create and pass ballot initiatives that eliminate punitive and ineffective policies, and instead work to increase systems of restorative justice. Help maximize Initiate Justice's impact! I am raising money to fund the [...]

Speeding Up Immigrant Assistance


In collaboration with the Everett Program and the Central American Resource Center (CARECEN) in San Francisco, the Speeding Up Immigrant Assistance (SUIA) project will create a series of technological tools to help automate direct service provision to immigrant communities.  I, Steven Carmona Mora, will be leading the project and will create, in collaboration with [...]

Knowledge is Power: Children’s Movement Fresno


I'm working with The Children's Movement Fresno (TCM), an organization working to improve children's health and education outcomes in Fresno County. Since TCM is driven by community activism, we are working together to strengthen the org's communication with its constituents and community members. We are designing a template for a [...]

Regeneration Pajaro Valley


Regeneration, formerly known as Watsonville Climate Action is an organization that aims to tackle environmental racism and other environmental issues that disproportionality affect the Pajaro Valley. The organization was founded in Watsonville by Nancy Faulstich as a means to tackle climate injustices affecting her community when she saw no other outlet. The main team [...]

Amazon Crude


The Amazon Rainforest is the world’s largest source of biodiversity, and plays a critical role in the stabilization of the global climate, thus its protection is fundamental to the wellbeing of our planet. However, the Amazon is rapidly shrinking by harmful corporate activities and externalities. For example, Chevron-Texaco began drilling for oil in the [...]

Community Water Center


My name is Julia Gutierrez and I am a 3rd year student at UCSC majoring in Politics and Environmental Studies. I am extremely passionate about environmental conservation and sustainable development. On campus I work at the Sustainability Office as a Green Office Certification Program Coordinator, am a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority, and was [...]

Resume and Tech Essentials Workshop for the Teen Center from the Davenport Resource Center


Resume & Tech Essentials Workshop for the Teen Center from the Davenport Resource Center People Served Directly People Served Indirectly Name: Adriana Guevara College Affiliation: College Eight Major: GISES Graduation Date: Spring 2016 Project Date: Early Fall 2015 Partner Org: Davenport Resource Cener Partner Website: Technologies Used: [...]