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Project Description


The Team

Name: Monica Gutierrez
College Affiliation: Cowell
Major: GISES
Graduation Date: Spring 2016
Name: Yesenia Torres
College Affiliation: Stevenson
Major: Technology Information Management major & GISES Minor
Graduation Date: Spring 2017
Name: Amelia Curry
College Affiliation: Oakes
Major: Bioengineering
Graduation Date: Spring 2018
Name: Joanna Cortez
College Affiliation: College Ten
Major: Politics and Latina American and Latino Studies
Graduation Date: Spring 2015


Name: Food What?!
Email: doron@foodwhat.org
Website: foodwhat.org
Name: Food Chain Workers Alliance
Email: info@foodchainworkers.org
Website: foodchainworkers.org
Name: Digital Nest
Email: info@digitalnest.org
Website: digitalnest.org

Project Narrative

Name of Project: Youth Empowerment Institute
Location: Santa Cruz( Watsonville & Pajaro Valley)
Date Range: July 26th – August 1st
Technologies Used: HTML and JQuery (Mobile App)
Themes (labor, women’s empowerment, education, etc): Food Justice & Women in Tech
People directly served by your project: 15 Latina high girls
People indirectly served by your project: Watsonville – Pajaro Valley Community

Most girls in the YEI group had no idea how food justice affected them. A handful of girls were field workers and they experience several injustices.

Food What?! is a non-profit org stationed at the UCSC farm and they empowered youth through agriculture and food for youth to grow into strong healthy and inspired teens.

Food Chain Workers Alliance is a coalition of worker based organizations that fight and organization to improve wages and working conditions for all workers in the food chain.

Digital Nest bridges the divided between between underserved teens in the Watsonville community by giving them the opportunity to learn technology and use it in there facility.

YEI accomplished teaching the girls about food justice, more specifically food workers rights, ethical consumption, and healthy eating. They used content from those topics to put in a mobile app they co-coded.

All of the orgs that YEI partnered with for the camp has similar interest to empower youth and revitalize a community that suffers from a food justice issue or lack of tech. The YEI camp inspired the girls though tech and taught them about food justice throughout workshops and mobile app will reach areas of the Watsonville community.

YEI took an assessment before the girls started the camp and most had none to very little to moderate experience with HTML/Jquery. We also took an assessment after the camp where we asked them to rank there knowledge of Html and JQuery they all expressed a greater knowledge of HTMLand Jquery.

The counselors affiliated with the YEI project all enrolled into the Mobile App lab where we were taught the material and learned how to teach it.

The most rewarding part about the project was seeing the Impact that YEI had on the campers. Not only did they learn about HTML and JQuery but they co-coded an app in a matter of days. More importantly, seeing how the girls were able to learn this then teach it to each other. They we all incredibly inspiring when you give the girls a chance to learn a tool and develop into something that can impact there community.

The most challenging part was teaching the technology to them in a digestable manner where they could understand the technology.

The YEI crew learned that if youth are given the opportunity to learn a tool they can create something marvelous that can impact a community in a positive way. That is exactly what the YEI achieved.

Project Details

Skills Needed: