Project Description



Dillon Draper, Sarah Mann, and Neil Richler | Summer 2011 | Washington, DC

Last summer, GIIP Fellows Dillon Draper, Sarah Mann, and Neil Richler traveled to Washington, DC, to work at the World Resources Institute (WRI) and live at the UCDC Center. Their internships initiated a partnership between WRI and GIIP, creating possibilities for future GIIP students to work with environmental issues and sustainability.

WRI is an environmentally-minded think tank that goes beyond research to create solutions in areas where human needs intersect with the environment. WRI publishes research and non-opinionated articles, creates digital interactive applications, and host international events. Currently the divisions of WRI  address aspects of global climate change, sustainable marketplaces, ecosystem protection, and environmentally responsible governance.

As communication interns for the Institutions and Governance Program (IGP), Sarah focused on publishing articles, managing social media, sending online newsletters, producing videos, and designing publications. Her work for IGP centered around issues of transparency, accountability, climate finance, and public participation in environmental decision-making. Sarah also worked on IGP’s preparation for the Rio+20 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro.

Dillon’s project for WRI was to help build a strong online presence for the Open Climate Network (OCN). The purpose of OCN is to serve as a credible, accessible source of information on national policies related to greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation and international climate finance. Dillon helped to construct and manage the website through Drupal and led a social media campaign to connect international partners via several WRI Twitter accounts.

Neil Richler worked with WRI’s Development branch, using his design and video editing skills to amplify WRI’s advertising presence. Neil also worked closely with the Corporate Consultative Group to improve the conversion of large companies to more environmentally sustainable business practices.