Project Description

voice of ghana

Lucas Healy | 2011 | Kasoa, Ghana

GIIP Fellow Lucas Healy traveled to Ghana in order to work with The Voice of Ghana, a research and implementation project that focuses on mobile technologies for social advocacy. Lucas also partnered with The Cheerful Hearts Foundation, a community based nonprofit in Kasoa that utilizes their social network to improve the communities’ education and health, as well as Rise Up Development Collective’s Cheerful Hearts Foundation, which is working to provide health care to the community of Wli Todzi in the Volta Region.

Lucas designed a website for the Cheerful Hearts Foundation and trained staff to maintain the website themselves. He also wrote grant proposals and implemented FrontlineSMS and Episurveyor. FrontlineSMS now coordinates Cheerful Hearts Foundation’s volunteers, partner schools, and health partners, while Episurveyor is used to identify child laborers that would be eligible for school scholarships.

In addition, Lucas built a website for Rise Up Development Collective and ran an Episurveyor pilot project that focused on the organization’s needs.

It was GIIP’s technical training and applied methodology that allowed Lucas to work so well with his partners. The combined efforts of GIIP, Cheerful Hearts Foundation, Rise Up Development Collective, and the teams behind the various mobile technologies truly made the project a success.