Project Description

Regeneration, formerly known as Watsonville Climate Action is an organization that aims to tackle environmental racism and other environmental issues that disproportionality affect the Pajaro Valley. The organization was founded in Watsonville by Nancy Faulstich as a means to tackle climate injustices affecting her community when she saw no other outlet. The main team includes founder Nancy Faulstich, a former teacher and Watsonville native with a passion for climate justice and her community, and Jaime Sanchez, a well-known artist and Watsonville native.

Their advisory board includes Maria Elena de la Garza, a member of the Community Action Board of Santa Cruz County, Kirsten Liske, member of the highly influential organization Ecology Action that operates out of Santa Cruz, and Francisco Rodriguez, member of the Federation of Teachers.

The organization aims to create a community that lives in harmony with the natural world by advocating for a fair economy, a healthy ecosystem, and a sustainable way of life for the Pajaro Valley. The organization began with the recognition that the environmental inequalities caused by corporations and those in power affect poor communities first and worst. The organization aims to reform Watsonville and surrounding areas from the working class up. This strategy attempts to support people like local farmworkers who stimulate their local economy and create the backbone of their local society. In 2017, the organization is planning multiple projects including providing sponsored transportation for farm workers to relieve some of their financial pressure as well as providing community conversations that educate interested community members in order to bring action with real community involvement.