Project Description

LA Interfaith

Dmitry Kogan, Maira Sutton, and Judy Esber | Summer 2007 | Los Angeles, CA

In the summer of 2007, three GIIP fellows, Dmitry Kogan, Maira Sutton, and Judy Esber, worked with coordinators and community leaders from Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice in Los Angeles, California. CLUE is an interfaith association that brings people together to fight for worker rights and economic justice. CLUE organizes as well as educates the religious community in order to improve working conditions, raise wages, and give the working poor a voice in the job market and community.

The goal of the internship was to work on concurrent campaigns, improving information communication technology, making a more efficient work environment, and building strong bonds with the religious and community leaders. Maira and Dmitry were able to use skills they learned in GIIP classes to increase CLUE’s workplace efficiency by revamping the organization’s database. CLUE’s web site, a primary source for outreach as well as information was restructured and updated. In addition, publications and mailing lists were revised, and a long overdue newsletter published.

Judy was in charge of coordinating all the summer interns. Not only was she an active member in many campaigns such as Ritz Carlton Hotels Campaign and The New Sanctuary Movement, she also managed, mentored, and assisted interns in completing projects for their campaigns. Judy has been working with CLUE for two years, and has extensive knowledge on campaign strategies as well community organizing. GIIP has been a tremendous help to her, in that she was able to become a stronger leader in the community while also honing her technology skills.

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