Project Description

I am partnering with Initiate Justice, a non-profit organization in Oakland, CA that seeks to empower, organize, and mobilize Bay Area communities to create and pass ballot initiatives that eliminate punitive and ineffective policies, and instead work to increase systems of restorative justice.

Help maximize Initiate Justice’s impact!

I am raising money to fund the various costs of creating a high quality website that will allow Initiate Justice to have a better web presence and therefore 1. increase donor support, 2. increase volunteer support and mailing list subscriptions, 3. easily share resources with the community, 4. gain recognition and establish stronger presence.

The project will consist of learning web design, curating content and images, creating the website, and implementing a sustainability/evaluation plan.

Meet the Project Leader!

Aria Critchfield:  I am a sociology major at UCSC and a Fellow with the Everett Program, an organization that trains students to use tech tools for social justice. I’m from the Bay Area and very passionate about using my opportunities to give back to my community.