Project Description

Experiencing Environmental Sustainability

People Served Directly
People Served Indirectly
Name: Amy Zhen
College Affiliation: College Nine
Major: GISES
Graduation Date: Spring 2016

Project Date: Summer 2014

Partner Org: Bay Area Green Tours
Partner Website:

Technologies Used: Mapping
Project Themes: Environmental Justice
People Served Directly: Event attendees during project implementation
Community Served Indirectly: Estimated increased attendance to future events

Project Description

Since my interest was about the environment, I started my research by researching for organizations that works on environmental or related issues. The main task of research was reading and learning about the organizations. During my research, there are programs and organizations that I was really interested in, but I also learned after my research that it was not the type of work I wanted to do. So when I got in contact with Bay Area Green Tours, I learned that they work with people from various ages and various fields to provide educational tours.