Project Description

dpp summer institute


Julie Caso and Christina Kliesch | Summer 2007 | Santa Cruz, CA

The D@PP Summer Technology Institute is a week-long program that brings Central San Joaquin Valley youth volunteers in the Digitally Abled Producers Projects (D@PP) to U.C. Santa Cruz. During their stay, the students learn advanced technological literacy concepts while immersed in the university setting, guided by staff and interns from GIIP and Fresno’s Center for Multicultural Cooperation (CMC).

Summer Technology Institute’s Objectives:

  • To provide potential first generation college students considering applying to University of California with outreach materials and contact with counselors.
  • Introduce students to new and innovative uses of technology by partnering with campus academic and research programs
  • The production fo culturally sensitive, multilingual digital videos about college admissions, financial aid resources, and student support after enrollment, to be shared with hundreds of Central Valley youth
  • Increase diversity, by increasing enrollment from the San Joaquin Valley, an area historically underrepresented in the UC system.

More information about D@PP and GIIP’s partner organization, the Center for Multicultural Cooperation can be found at