Project Description

dc hub

Jessica Carsten | 2010 | Washington DC

After graduating from UCSC, Jessica started a project in Washington D.C. to manage internship placements for GIIP students while creating opportunities for new strategic partnerships. GIIP  has an impressive global network of alumni and a growing base of partner organizations, including nine strategic partnerships. The successful development and expansion of GIIP  makes alumni a great new resource for the growth of the program and broadening opportunities for new partners.

D.C. is dense with NGOs, social justice related organizations, think tanks, government
offices, and accomplished GIIP alumni. Additionally, many motivated students who participate in
the GIIP program also participate in the UCDC exchange program. This exchange allows them to
apply for an internship of their choice in Washington D.C. while remaining a full time student and living at the UC Washington Center.

As the new coordinator for GIIP Internships and Strategic Partnerships in Washington D.C.,
Jessica has been working with GIIP alumni to assess corporate style NGOs such as the World Resources Institute and Human Rights Watch for effective strategic partnerships for placing GIIP  Fellows. Jessica’s focus is also on regional outreach, professional networking, alumni relations, and integrating a permanent internship for GIIPers at the UC Washington Center.