Project Description

Sisters in Islam Group Shot

Fellow Maira Sutton, traveled to Kuala Lumpur (KL) for her six-month internship with Sisters in Islam (SIS), a Muslim Feminist NGO committed to promoting the rights of Islamic women. Maira worked in their legal unit on various research reports on family law and international child support agencies. “I was helping them plan and conduct their Mobile Legal Clinic, a workshop conducted in KL and surrounding communities to provide legal women and Muslim families with their legal rights,” she said

On the technical side, Sutton also worked on their new Joomla! website, built a research a database for their CourtWatch program, and trained their legal interns to ensure that they can update the database on their own. “They kept me extremely busy with all the various projects,” said Maira, “but I cannot express how much fun I had with these incredible, fun, passionate women, as well as the amazingly rich, multicultural city of KL.”