Project Description

computers for street chidrent

Dmitry Kogan | Fall 2008 | New Delhi, India

Fellow Dmitry Kogan, arrived in New Delhi late June through the Education Abroad Program (EAP) in pursuit of a suitable infoactivism internship. After careful research and an intensive Hindi language program, Dmitry found Butterflies, an NGO whose aim is to empower street children with the skills and knowledge to protect their rights and develop themselves as respected, productive citizens.

Dmitry helped bring ICT to Butterflies by teaching these children basic computer and work skills, quite a feat with children who have little or no experience with computers, and even more so with such a communication barrier. “Without a doubt this has been a long hard road,” Kogan said, “I conduct all the lessons in Hindi. However, with each day my Hindi improves and so does my relationship with the kids.”