Project Description

Community Monitors Action Network in Action

People Served Directly
People Served Indirectly
Name: Tyler Spencer
College Affiliation: College Ten
Major: History
Graduation Date: Spring 2016

Project Date: Summer 2015

Partner Org: Community Monitors Action Network, Bench Makrs Foundation
Partner Website:

Technologies Used: Ushahidi Crowdmapping
Project Themes: Environmental Justice, Politics and Advocacy
People Served Directly: Community Monitors team members
Community Served Indirectly: Community Monitors broader affiliate network

Project Description – View Tyler’s Project Practicum

Through the Digital Mapping program Ushahidi, I worked with the Community Monitors Action Network in communities around Johannesburg, South Africa. The goal of our project was to document and visually represent detrimental environmental and health problems stemming from mining corporations. In addition, building leadership skills by identifying issues, engaging in dialogue with the community, and reporting back on the problems.

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