Project Description

center for democratic development

 Lucas Healy | Fall 2012 | Ghana

As an intern at the Center for Democratic Development Lucas Healy is using his GIIP skills to improve and develop CDD’s online presence. The largest project Lucas is taking on during his stay in Ghana is developing a web site, web application, sms system, and IVR system for an HP funded project titled, “Am Aware.” This will be completed with help from fellow GIIPer, Brian Lee. The goal of Am Aware is to disseminate education, health, and water quality data to the general public, as well as government officials, so that elected officials will be held more accountable for their campaign promises. The general population will be made aware of their chance to obtain creditable education, health, and water quality data, for the first time in the country’s history, on August 9th, 2012, with the help of local radio and TV stations Citi FM and Metro TV.

Additionally, Lucas is building an online database for a UNDP funded project that aims to organize and list of every Civil Service Organization in Africa, categorized by country. He will also be responsible for building a database displaying each region’s legislative framework, and publications regarding democracy in Africa. This data will eventually be presented online by the UNDP and CDD-Ghana.

Finally, Lucas is developing two website for CDD and its affiliates. The websites will feature a content management system that will allow CDD and its affiliates to edit and add information to the website without a webmaster’s help.