Project Description

Our project, Building capacity for change through technology, will incorporate teaching 5 workshops on podcast production, scripting and video creation, graphic design, restyling their WordPress blog and incorporating an RSS feed link, and formatting newsletter templates.

Upon completing this project,  an immediate count of 70 activists will be equipped with the above mentioned digital tools that complement the needs of the Community Monitors Project. By teaching these workshops through sustainable methods,  we will contribute to the further expansion of technical knowledge by incorporating teaching material that will support future workshops.

Your contribution will fund the resources and equipment necessary to implement our project. This will include a wifi hotspot for the activists to use, room and board, and transportation costs between cities and provinces in order for us to carry out the essential trainings.

Our Experience

All three members of the team are Fellows of the Everett Program. Dominique had the opportunity to work with the Community Monitors during Summer 2016 to produce a video documenting mining injustices and is excited to head back again to help those she’s created connections with. Amber has had various experiences teaching tech labs including implementing a project on a series of tech workshops for staff at the I Have A Dream Foundation. Dominick has participated in impactathons including training youth in her local neighborhood on how to create inspirational videos using simple tools. They are big-hearted, determined individuals ready and willing to apply their skills to help other youth activists!

Our Project Partner

The Community Monitors is a project of the Bench Marks Foundation, an independent non-governmental organization. The Bench Marks Foundation is an organization that is funded by churches near Soweto South Africa and Johannesburg. The Community Monitors keep an eye out on the practices of multi-national mining corporations with the purpose of establishing corporate accountability. The Community Monitors School is where young activists are learning various organizational strategies as well as developing their confidence, creativity and capabilities. Through building their skill set and personal development, members become more prepared to help stop the destructive practices of mining corporations and negligence of governments that result in the deterioration of the environment and community life.

For more information on our project partner, visit their website:!