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People Served Directly
People Served Indirectly
Name: Olivia Bulan
College Affiliation: College Nine
Major: GISES
Graduation Date: Spring 2016

Project Date: Summer 2015

Partner Org: Digital NEST
Partner Website:

Technologies Used: Web Design, Blogging
Project Themes: Women’s Empowerment, Tech Literacy
People Served Directly: Middle and high school-aged girls
Community Served Indirectly: Youth visiting the site

Project Description – View Olivia’s Project Practicum

Beginning July 6th, 2015, through a partnership with the Digital Nest, I facilitated a 5 day summer day­camp. It was available to girls and LGBTQ folks ages 12­24. The day camp focused primarily on WordPress skills and culminated in the collaborative creation of a technology themed blog incorporating writings from all of the girls in an effort to recruit more girls to the Digital Nest.