Project Description

The Amazon Rainforest is the world’s largest source of biodiversity, and plays a critical role in the stabilization of the global climate, thus its protection is fundamental to the wellbeing of our planet. However, the Amazon is rapidly shrinking by harmful corporate activities and externalities. For example, Chevron-Texaco began drilling for oil in the Amazon in the 60’s despite serious environmental and public health threats.

Over the next four decades, Chevron failed to adhere to international environmental law and dumped 19 billion gallons of toxic waste water and crude sludge directly into the Ecuadorian Amazon, causing widespread contamination and destroying plants, animals, and indigenous communities.

Despite the overwhelming impact of oil drilling, California is the world’s leading importer of Amazon Crude, and our dependence on oil is driving the expansion of oil drilling projects in the Amazon. We plan to change this, and to eventually ban imports of Amazon Crude to California. The CalPIRG chapters at UC Santa Cruz, UC San Diego, and UC Irvine will run campaigns fall quarter of 2017 in collaboration with Amazon Watch to convince our cities to pass resolutions in support of a state-wide ban on imports of Amazon Crude.

By collecting petitions, holding educational events, and lobbying local elected officials, we will be able to bring this issue to the foreground of state-wide political discussion, and promote regulations to protect the Amazon and all of the life within it.