Project Description

abrahams vision

Nadya Tannous | Summer 2011 | Blagaj, Bosnia

Abraham’s Vision is a non-profit organization based in Redwood City, CA that focuses on conflict transformation among Jewish, Muslim, Israeli, and Palestinian youth regarding the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. Abraham’s Vision was founded in 2003 with the intent of creating a safe, transformative space for exploring both group and individual identities of those directly affected by the Palestinian/Israeli conflict.

Nadya Tannous, a GIIP Fellow and GISES minor, did some website maintenance and worked with various statistics that had been concluded from raw data. Going into the project, Nadya’s goal was to increase the efficiency of the dialogue process within the Vision Program (VP) and to evaluate their past and existing program practicum via raw data collection and analysis from sets of participant-feedback surveys. After completing the data analysis and presenting to the founders of Abraham’s Vision, Nadya traveled with the Vision Program to the Balkans in order to view the program in action and participate as a program member. Nadya worked at a summer camp in Blagaj, Bosnia, that hosts a “positive expressions camp” for kids who were negatively affected by the war and by growing up in a post-war society. There, campers can learn about overcoming cultural differences through interacting with each other.
Overall, Nadya says “The GIIP 30s series and fellowship strengthened my skills in organizational assessment and specific technical knowledge-sets, but it also provided me with the confidence to carry out this project and achieve the most that I could during my six months with Abrahams Vision as an intern.”