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Partner with Everett 2016-2017

Preparing Leaders and Supporting Organizations

The Everett Program has a dual service mission of preparing future leaders and providing community organizations with innovative projects to leverage their impact. Students assess organizational communication, information, data or storytelling needs and then collaboratively design a project to address these needs. All of our projects aim to be sustainable, with training for staff built into the projects, and/or to test new initiatives.

For examples of past Everett Student Projects, please browse our Project Archives.

What We Need From Partnering Organizations

  • By Jan. 6, 2017: Look over this site of what to expect/what we expect and confirm you want to be considered by students as a potential partner to Katie at
  • By noon Jan. 9, 2017: Record a simple 1-3 minute video pitch of your org (just with a cell phone or computer camera) that briefly highlights your organization and why your work is important.
    • Please follow This Link to submit a video on your mobile device, submit a video file, or schedule a time to Skype into our class live!
  • Jan 11-30, 2017: A 1.5-2 hour physical or digital organizational assessment meeting with students and Everett staff, that will be arranged to fit your schedule
  • Feb-mid March 2017: Feedback twice on students’ draft project proposal for a total of roughly two hours
  • April-June: Ongoing communication to student about any changes that may impact project
  • June-September, 2017: A point person from your organization to liaise with the student during project implementation
  • September 2017: Organization evaluates impact of student project
  • Contact Katie,, if there is confusion or any expectation that goes unmet as quickly as possible.

What Partner Organizations Should Expect

  • Jan 11-30, 2017: If students are inspired to work with your organizations, we will confirm a scheduled organizational assessment meeting time*
  • Feb 2017: Organizational assessment document
  • March 2017: Draft Proposal of ICT project to address needs
  • April 2017: Students apply for funding through our internal grants and crowdfunding
  • April- June 2017: Students get additional technical support and mentoring to be able to execute project
  • June-Sept 2017: Students implement, monitor, and evaluate project. The scale of projects vary, depending on the organization need and student time availability, but could range from the equivalent of a couple of weeks up to 10 weeks of full-time assistance. Students spend an average of 100 hours on their project.
  • September- December 2017: Final touches on project sustainability and evaluation documents.

Download This Information

Other Ways to Partner With the Everett Program

The majority of our projects happen through our Everett Student projects, since we have dozens of students doing projects every year that are self-managed and supported. These projects often have no or very little cost to partner organizations, but may or may not occur based on student interest. If partner organizations want to ensure a particular need or project gets executed, the best way to do so is through Impactathons or staff managed strategic projects.


A day or weekend long event where Everett students and staff support local nonprofits by creating products or a training in a short and intense burst of work. These are guaranteed to happen on a specific date and result in a specific product or training. To make this happen we need to plan out the event at least one month beforehand for roughly two hours and get all images, data, and documents well organized. Only certain products and trainings work well for Impactathons.


  • A specific deliverable or package or products finished by the end of the session.
  • Developed by students but quality controlled by staff
  • Follow up evaluation


  • 8 hours for training workshops and time to work on creating a product identified in assessment meetings
  • A specific deliverable or package or products finished by the end of the session
  • Follow up evaluation

For more information about our Impactathons, please contact Christine Ongjoco at

Staff Managed Strategic Projects

Our strategic projects are similar to our student projects, but are designed and implemented with much more staff oversight and direct management. These projects still have the benefit of supporting student and Fellow learning, but with the additional assurance of staff quality control. These projects work best for time sensitive or technically advanced projects, but also require funding for us to be able to implement.

To discuss this option further, please contact Katie Roper at