Central to the Everett Program are our student projects, and central to those projects is the imperative to find community organizations, nonprofits, and NGOs who are already on the ground and working in their area of interest. Everett interns join NGOs across the globe to help shape their information infrastructure and train local groups to maintain and expand their use of technological tools. From human rights organizations in Namibia to coffee farm collectives in Central America, Everett interns partner with their hosts to build the NGOs’ technological capacity to promote communication, support their mission, and raise awareness of their causes. Partnerships fall into two general categories:


We maintain a list of orgs so that our students may have a starting place from which to start building a partnership. If you are receptive to potentially establishing a mutually beneficial partnership with one of our highly motivated students or would just like to be a friendly voice ready to offer information about your particular sector, please indicated “Casual” in the form below.


In the past we have done very fruitful joint projects with financially committed partners. For these projects we usually recruit our most capable students and cover a portion of work through our staff. Strategic partnerships are considered with established nonprofits with clear goals/projects in mind.

Please no solicitations. We have a blacklist and know how to use it.

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