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Our Philosophy

Practical Learning

Everett’s goal is create a new generation of “info-savvy” advocates using information technology to overcome informational exclusion–based barriers to civic participation and social justice. The learning goes both ways: While advancing the larger public good, Everett students accumulate valuable technical knowledge, while sharpening their leadership and project management skills. (Students please check out our “For Students” page)

Dukum Town Police Dept.

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Central to the Everett Program are our student projects, and central to those projects is the imperative to find community organizations, nonprofits, and NGOs who are already on the ground and working in their area of interest. Everett interns join NGOs across the globe to help shape their information infrastructure and train local groups to maintain and expand their use of technological tools. Everett interns partner with their hosts to build the NGOs’ technological capacity to support their mission and raise awareness of their causes.


Everett applies “learning by doing” as the best method to teach non-profit management and the transfer of information technology. Accordingly, Everett is managed by student Fellows, who constitute a self-governing body of “stakeholders” to collectively manage the Everett program with the advice of faculty, sponsors, and staff mentors. All curriculum, resource, and planning decisions are reviewed and approved by the Everett Fellows, who recruit and interview new members annually.



Project Based

The heart and soul of the Everett Program are student projects. College students  have a fire inside and want to change the world, but too often  are not given a chance to tackle the issues about which they so deeply care. We take student passion and help temper it with social enterprise and startup practices so that they can design a polished, doable project that will tackle their issue from their own unique angle. Everett projects take students across the globe, around the country, and out in the streets of our own county. Come and see what we’re capable of!