What Are Impactathons?

An impactathon is a day or weekend long event where Everett students and staff support local nonprofits by creating products or conducting trainings in a short and intense burst of work. These are guaranteed to happen on a specific date and result in a specific product or training that address the needs of our partners.

Impactathons are an evolution and critique of traditional “hackathons”. Hackathons gather talented and eager students together to form teams to rapidly design and build products to compete for a prize, usually seed money. A lot of good comes out of this, but at the end of the competition, a lot of effort and enthusiasm just evaporates. Impactathons exist to harness all that passion and enthusiasm for social good.

When students and local orgs partner up, everybody wins!

Digital Story Telling with Richmond Youth

Teaming up with Richmond RYSE Youth Center, this Impactathon taught youth to use the film equipment in their pockets to tell stories of how they would change their community.

Everett students stayed in Richmond for two days of intense shooting, editing, laughing, and learning. The result was a body of urban youth who learned that they could become storytellers and changemakers using nothing more than the phones in their pockets.

Altogether, a powerful and fun event that challenged young people, exposed them to new tools and communication strategies, and lifted and centered youth voices. Would love to continue to collaborate and would highly recommend Everett as a partner to other organizations.

Andrew Yeung, RYSE Center in Richmond, CA
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Impactathon Tech

Everett students are socially conscious and technically savvy. If they don’t know a tech already, they’ll learn it because more than anything, they want to get out and do great work with local orgs.

Data Visualization for the No Place Like Home Project

Santa Cruz is experiencing a housing crisis. Any UCSC student not living in the dorms can tell you that. We’ve been working with Professor Steve McKay in his No Place Like Home project to improve things like data collection.

When he came to us and said he had a major presentation downtown and needed graphics to visualize his data, we knew what to do. We assembled an impactathon team and worked for hours to make as many graphics as we could. The resounding success of a presentation that follows was proof of our concept.

The impact it made on me was I got to try new things and I liked how we worked all together as a team.

Anonymous, Impactathon Participant
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UCSC Students should Join the Everett Program.

All students at UCSC are invited to join the Everett Program by enrolling in SOCY 30A in the Fall. Students not affiliated with EP are welcome to participate in an Impactathon if they understand the time requirements for preparing for one.

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Impactathons take a lot of time and resources to coordinate and we never have enough money to do as many as we’d like. Food, lodging, transportation, and staff all add up.

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