Mark Headley
Mark HeadleyCo-Chair
As Chairman of the Board of Directors of Matthews and a Portfolio Manager of Matthews International Capital Management LLC, Headley oversees portfolios across the Asian market. Headley is an alumni of UC Santa Cruz and a long time financial supporter of GIIP.

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Dana Priest
Dana PriestCo-Chair Emeritus
I fell in love with GIIP over waffles one morning in downtown Santa Cruz as I soaked in the ideas and energy of the table full of GIIPers describing their projects and their dreams for a better world. From the Central Valley to Nigeria, India and beyond, the young men and women of this extraordinary program have latched onto the digital revolution and aim to mold it into a social revolution worthy of Nelson Mandela, Hugo Chavez and Wangari Maathi. As a Santa Cruz grad whose watched the indefatigable Paul Lubeck nurture the program for many years, I am honored to be a small part of this great adventure.

Paul M. Lubeck, Former Executive Director and Co-Founder or the Everett Program. Currently Professor at the School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University

Michael J. Watts,   Class of 1963 Chair in Undergraduate Studies and Chancellors’ Professor, UC Berkeley

MaryJane Skjellerup, Central Valley Director, Center For Multi-Cultural Cooperation, Fresno, CA

Alicia Dwyer, Documentary Filmmaker,  Veracity Productions

Elijah Sparrow,  Founding Programmer,

Rehan Iftikhar: Senior Product Manager, Oracle

Jacob Martinez: Founder and Executive Director, Digital NEST

Allen Gunn: Executive Director, Aspiration

Rhys Thom: Design Lead, IDEO

Rebecca Wage: Customer Support Specialist, Socrata

Carmen Rojas, PhD: CEO, The Workers Lab

Luther Jackson: Program Manager, NOVA Workforce Board


Kyle Eischen: Assistant Dean for Programs and Planning, Division of Social Sciences

Joop Rubens: Development Officer, Social Sciences Development

Maira Sutton: CEO of the Everett Alumni Foundation