What Is Everett?

Everywhere. Inequality and injustice know no boundaries, nor do the passions of our students. We empower undergrads to cross borders and implement projects abroad, or stay here in the states and tackle issues close to home.
Information and Communication Technology (ICT) should be tools of empowerment for all people. We believe in learning appropriate technologies in order to identify the correct tool to use in a given situation. Projects take our students across the world and they understand the folly of thrusting technology onto communities.
Decades of failed development projects have taught us that the old model of parachuting into a community, deciding what they need to 'fix' them, and then leaving without taking steps to consider whether the project was working is no longer viable (it never was). We teach a philosophy of community engagement and listening. Communities know what they need, it's our job to help them achieve it.
Empowerment and sustainability go hand in hand. When we work with communities, we empower them to use technological tools and best practices of enterprise so that once we leave, the project won't collapse. One of our mottos is "Don't take the missionary position", in other words, don't create a situation wherein a community or org is dependent on you for the sustainability of a project.

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Everett Partners

Central to the Everett Program are our student projects, and central to those projects is the imperative to find community organizations, nonprofits, and NGOs who are already on the ground and working in their area of interest. Everett students join NGOs across the globe to help shape their information infrastructure and train local groups to maintain and expand their use of technological tools. From human rights organizations in Namibia to coffee farm collectives in Central America, Everett students partner with their hosts to build the NGOs’ technological capacity to promote communication, support their mission, and raise awareness of their causes.

Below you will find a list of orgs that we or our students have partnered with to carry out amazing projects.

If you are interested in working with us, please visit our “Partnership Inquiry” page.

ROC United

Everett is proud to be partnered with the Restaurant Opportunity Center United in their tireless efforts to create a more equitable and just system for restaurant workers across the country. Visit the ROC United website ROC HISTORY ROC United was launched [...]

Digital Next

The Digital NEST (Nurturing Entrepreneurial Skills with Technology) is a high-tech space located in the heart of Watsonville. Young people ages 12-24 will have full access to computers, software, Wi-Fi, and other digital tools and classes. They will master skills [...]

Girl Child Concerns

Girl Child Concerns (GCC) is a registered non-governmental ogranization in Nigeria dedicated to improving the lives of youth, particularly girls, through improved educational opportunities It was visited by Everett student Shelley McCoy in 2oo6 where she helped to train girls in computer [...]

K’inal Antzetik

K'inal Antzetik is a women's weaving collective in Chiapas, Mexico. Multiple Everett students worked with them in the summer of 2005. See the project profile.

María Elena Cuadra

María Elena Cuadra is a women's empowerment organization in Granada. Fellow Natasha Collins partnered with them to produce anti-domestic violence videos. See their website

Sisters in Isam

Sisters in Islam is a Muslim Feminist organization based in Malaysia. Everett fellows have worked with them 2009 and in 2011. They strive to bring equality to women living under Muslim laws through understanding the Koran as an essentially equalist [...]

Integrated Community Education and Development Association

The Integrated Community Education and Development Association (ICEDA) is a national organization registered with theMinistry of Justice of Ethiopia, with certificate number 1226 established in 1998. ICEDA has signed operational agreement with Federal Disaster Prevention and Preparedness Commission in February [...]

Center for Technology and Development (CITAD)

The Center for Technology and Development (CITAD) is involved in advocacy, training, and research related to the use of ICT for sustainable development in Northern Nigeria., working closely with both Kano state and Boyero University at Kano. CITAD sponsors tech literacy trainings for members [...]

Center for Multicultural Cooperation

The Center for Multicultural Cooperation (CMC) in Fresno, CA runs several acclaimed programs, teaching digital story telling to under-represented students from dozens of California communities. The projects Hmong Voices, Latino Voices and Veteran Voices have been combined into CMC’s newest [...]

Riecken Foundation

The Riecken Foundation builds libraries in Central America creating vibrant learning centers that engage residents in literacy projects, ICT access and training and citizen participation in their local community. Through free internet access and ICT trainings, Riecken connects individuals and communities with each other [...]