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All this is confusing to newcomers. We get it. This site was made by students and we were there not too long ago. Drop us a line and talk to Everett Fellows or staff. We can answer questions like:

  • Want to know how to join?
  • How to fit EP in with your courses?
  • Questions about how classes work?
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Everett students are unable to do their amazing work without the cooperation and partnership of community organizations. Get in touch with us to ask a specific question or schedule a time to talk. We can answer questions like:

  • What is the timeline like for being an Everett student project parter?
  • What is expected of partners?
  • What kind of things have Everett students done?
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At the beginning of every month we release a newsletter filling you in on the latest Everett news. This publication features important program updates, fellow features, and interviews with Everett/GIIP alumni! Click the buttons below to get on our mailing list or see previous issues you’ve missed.

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Impactathons are incredibly exciting and can have a measurable impact for your org while introducing you to a network of highly capable, motivated, and passionate individuals. Get in contact with us to see if Impacathons are right for your organizational needs.

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