Lili Sierra, Oakes College 2016

From July 1, 2015 to September 15, 2015, I taught computer literacy courses for the staff members at the Somkhanda Game Reserve. My ultimate goal was to increase efficiency in the workplace and to equip the staff with skills that their education system didn’t provide. The majority had access to education but lacked computer skills. Most of the staff on the reserve were Gumbi tribe members. After several land claims, the Gumbi were able to claim ownership of the land that is now The Somkhanda Game Reserve. They have partnered with African Insight and Wildland’s Conservation Trust to manage the reserve.

The tourism aspect of the reserve is currently managed by African Insight. African Insight was founded in 1996 and its emphasis is on responsible tourism. The wildlife on the reserve is maintained by Wildland’s Conservation Trust. This organization safeguards all wildlife but places special emphasis on rhino conservation and wild dog monitoring at the Somkhanda Game Reserve. Wildland’s received a donation for the Wildlife Act Fund of ten┬álaptops to be used for the reserve and for the community. These laptops were updated with new open source software but no one was experienced or able to teach computer literacy lessons. The laptops were in storage due to the lack of personnel dedicated to successfully use them within the community.

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