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Everett Updates

The whole year leads up to the Summer. While many students return home for much deserved R&R, Everett students are working with their partners in places like the Central Valley, Washington DC, Abuja, and Johannesburg.

Stay tuned on this page for updates on how things are going!

Kenneth Gardens in Photos

Finally! Got to do some Photography and Videography today. Here is a series images from Kenneth Gardens in Durban. It was awesome watching the community leaders in action.
Andrew Blackwelder

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First Post from Tyler

I’ve made it!

It’s officially been one week since I’ve began my project working with Community Monitors Action Network in regions surrounding Johannesburg and things are moving quickly! I’ve visited the cities of Rustenburg and Ekurhuleni for introductions, everyone was so nice and excited to get started.

There is much work that needs to be done, I was unaware at just how prevalent these mines were and the by-products are extremely evident. Luckily, the groups that I will be working with have already contributed so much to this ongoing effort to achieve change within their community. The mapping portion of the project is still young, but it is coming along. I will update the blog with the map and much more in coming posts.

—Tyler Spencer

Rustenburg group! Minus Jay

Rustenburg group! Minus Jay

Some of the untouched land at Retief's Kloof

Some of the untouched land at Retief’s Kloof

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Carrots & Peas Community Kitchen

Carrots and Peas Mockup Cropped

Rough design for possible website banner. Me and Jessica are working with a group of women in the Kenneth Gardens community that have started an NPO from scratch. Multiple times a week they cook meals to help feed the community. I’m so happy to have the opportunity to work with individuals like them.

Andrew Blackwelder

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Durban Meetings Have Commenced!

Jess and Andrew

Me and Jessica have met with partners from Durban University of Technology and one of the NPO’s in Kenneth Gardens (the largest municipal housing community in Durban.) We are currently brainstorming on project specifics that fit goals of the community. More information coming soon!

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