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Everett Updates

The whole year leads up to the Summer. While many students return home for much deserved R&R, Everett students are working with their partners in places like the Central Valley, Washington DC, Abuja, and Johannesburg.

Stay tuned on this page for updates on how things are going!

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Amber & Andy’s Project : I Have A Tech Dream

We partnered with the I Have A Dream Foundation in Los Angeles for our project. Both Andy and I are local to the Los Angeles area and we wanted to work with an organization that is trying to help our surrounding communities.

We lead three workshops that focused on expanding the technological capacity of the organization’s staff. Our project was completed on July 19, 20 and the 21st. It was a learning experience for both parties.

Day 1 : Social Media Strategy & Communication Applications

Day 2 : Open Source Resources & Graphic Design

Day 3 : HTML Coding & Web Design

We weren’t trying to cram all there is to know about any one of these topics. Similar to the teaching philosophy of the Everett Program tech labs , we wanted them to come out of these workshops with more confidence for handling and exploring tech on their own. We hope that we were able to open some doors and create new possibilities for the staff over at IHADLA. We’ll find out some information on that front when we send out our evaluation survey.

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Wendy’s Project with ByoEarth

ByoEarth is a social venture in Guatemala City that trains and employs women in the production of organic fertilizer and produce through vermicomposting.

Over the summer of 2015, Wendy Renteria worked with ByoEarth to help present workshops on vermicompost, marketing strategies, and empowerment for the two cooperatives that ByoEarth works with.

With the support of interns from Nourish International, they also built and renovated infrastructure in the cooperatives where the compost is produced.

ByoEarth sells the compost to local farmers and also uses it to help build gardens for families in rural areas with food and water insecurity. Wendy also helped lead workshops on nutrition and environmental responsibility.
Wendy is working on an instructional video about vermicomposting that explains the tips and techniques that the women in the cooperatives use and some they have designed. ByoEarth has several other projects in partnership with other organizations, including teaching and encouraging more women to become involved in vermicomposting. The project extended beyond the summer and Wendy plans to continue working with ByoEarth remotely. In order to help communicate their mission, work, and impact, Wendy is helping to produce a video that succinctly explains what ByoEarth does to potential partners.


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Ryan’s Project with the Gilroy Compassion Center

The Gilroy Compassion center serves over 700 homeless individuals by providing food, clothing, and a program that allows them to legally camp in public parks.

Below is an excerpt from the Gilroy Dispatch that features Everett student and fellow, Ryan shook and his project with E-waste, allowing the community he serves to create job and financial opportunities for themselves.

As part of his project, he helped establish an e-waste collection program, which generates income for the center from discarded electronics given by the community, and put a computer in the center for anyone looking to search online for employment or housing. Many of the center’s volunteers are formerly homeless.

Read more about their fantastic work here.

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A mobile app for refugees in Berlin-Q&A with Julius

Q: Give a brief description of your idea.

A: In 2015, an estimated 1,000,000 refugees fled their homes to Germany and a predicted 50,000 refugees to Berlin. This number increased in 2014 by 60% and from 2014-2015 by 350% and continues to climb. Most refugees arriving in Germany face several barriers – barriers that make integration difficult. Our idea is to help refugees overcome those barriers through a mobile application on a smartphone where residents in Berlin may invite refugees to a dinner at their home. Our hope is to ease the process of integration so refugees can become a part of the local community in Berlin.

Q: What got you interested in this topic?

A: Most of our team members have either a personal connection to Germany or to refugees. All of us are very excited about this project and we think it could really have a great impact on the lives of both residents and refugees. It’s an opportunity for us to do more than simply watch the news and discuss the problem.

Q: Who is your team?

A: There are four of us: Álvaro (24) and Guillermo (24) both from Spain and both with backgrounds in computer science, Serene (22) from California, studying German studies and linguistics and myself, Julius (21), from Germany. Every one of us has strengths, which contribute to our team in a certain way: Álvaro and Guillermo have not only been friends since they were little, but they also have experience in web and app development. Serene and I focus on research and the concept development of our app. Furthermore, Serene is good at project management and takes the lead not only in our project but other university group projects as well. My main role is to build the network required for our project.

Q: Why did you decide to participate in Big Ideas?

A: Big Ideas is a great opportunity to get hands on advice from experienced professionals with the skills and knowledge to make our idea a reality. It is also a chance to market our idea and raise awareness about the issue. Let’s assume we win the Big Ideas contest, it might become a lot easier to catch people’s attention in Germany and get people to sign up for our app. We are looking forward to getting to know other smart, warmhearted students who are passionate about the problem at hand. Even if we don’t win Big Ideas, we are confident that our project can be successful.

Q: Tell us a little about yourself and why you decided to join Everett?

A: I was born in Berlin and will spend this year at UCSC as an exchange student. Before I came here, I was interested in applying what I’ve studied to real world problems/scenarios. I came across Everett and thought it sounded great, although I did not have much experience with technology. However, I liked the idea of using technology in order to address social issues around the world.  I really enjoy the program so far, except from all the readings. While they do help me get a broad knowledge in the fields of globalization, social entrepreneurship and information technology but they are really time-consuming 😉 As for me, I like talking to people who have interesting stories to tell. I want to understand the world, I think a lot and I welcome challenges.


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Daisy’s Project with I Have a Dream Foundation, LA

This past summer I had the privilege to work and collaborate with the amazing I Have A Dream Foundation Los Angeles (IHADLA). IHADLA is an organization that aims to alleviate poverty and the lack of resources by providing inner-city schools enriching after-school and summer programs. IHADLA supports an entire grade at a school until the students, referred to as Dreamers, graduate high school and are accepted into a university. The organization then sponsors their college experience with a scholarship.

During my time with IHADLA, I led Web Design workshops that aimed to increase tech literacy by teaching the Dreamers how to transition from HP laptops (which were provided by the program) to their new MacBook Pros (also provided). I taught lessons on navigating Pages, Keynote, keyboard short cuts, typing skills and HTML (Hyper Text Mark-Up Language).

In addition to the lessons, Dreamers were creating a personal profile that contained important content such as the college they hoped to attend, A-G requirements and test scores that were necessary to apply for college in general. My goal was not only to acclimate Dreamers with the college application process, but to inspire them to consider majoring in computer science or programming in the future, or any other STEM-oriented field.

You can read more on my experience with IHADLA and Dreamers’ profile:




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