What Is Everett?

Everywhere. Inequality and injustice know no boundaries, nor do the passions of our students. We empower undergrads to cross borders and implement projects abroad, or stay here in the states and tackle issues close to home.
Information and Communication Technology (ICT) should be tools of empowerment for all people. We believe in learning appropriate technologies in order to identify the correct tool to use in a given situation. Projects take our students across the world and they understand the folly of thrusting technology onto communities.
Decades of failed development projects have taught us that the old model of parachuting into a community, deciding what they need to 'fix' them, and then leaving without taking steps to consider whether the project was working is no longer viable (it never was). We teach a philosophy of community engagement and listening. Communities know what they need, it's our job to help them achieve it.
Empowerment and sustainability go hand in hand. When we work with communities, we empower them to use technological tools and best practices of enterprise so that once we leave, the project won't collapse. One of our mottos is "Don't take the missionary position", in other words, don't create a situation wherein a community or org is dependent on you for the sustainability of a project.

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Everett Fellow Alumni

The Everett Program attracts remarkable individuals from all backgrounds and gives them an environment and opportunities to reach their full potential. The Fellows are the owners of the program and as such deserve to have their names and contributions highlighted and preserved on this website.

Alumni Spotlight


Tara Celli, Class of 2013

During her Everett project, Tara fell in love with India. Specifically, the women and girls she met there who often grew up knowing nothing of their own bodies and being mistreated by those around them. After graduation, she moved to Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, India permanently to co-found Strength India, an organization that works directly with girls in after school engagement, feminine hygiene, and job training. She is in the process of establishing a for profit sanitary napkin producing company specializing in home delivery. Connect on LinkedIn.


Ada Recinos, Class of 2014

A typical shooting star, after changing the way Everett handles it’s complex array of relationships, and completing the Emerson National Hunger Fellowship with the Congressional Hunger Center, Ada went to work for Prospera Co-ops, an amazing business incubator that supports Latina entrepreneurs build cooperative businesses. On top of this she works tirelessly as Vice Chair of the Richmond Human Rights and Human Relations Commission. Connect on LinkedIn.


Hasnain Nazar, Class of 2011

During his term as an Executive Fellow at Everett Hasnain helped to professionalize and enhance the tech curriculum. Afterward, Hasnain spent two years at the Berkeley iSchool to which he brought a very necessary ethic of social justice and social responsibility to his cohort. Post-graduation his internship blossomed into his full time current position as UX Product Manager at Workday. Hasnain remains very active in the Bay Area Muslim community.
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MaryJane Skjellerup, Class of 2004

One of the original group of students who started this whole thing, MaryJane has time and again affirmed her love and dedication to her home in the California Central Valley graduating in 2003. From director-level duties of the Center for Multicultural Cooperation, the Youth Leadership Institute, the Community Media Access Collaborative, and the Metro Ministry, to her current passion as the Entrepreneur in Residence at the Children’s’ Movement of Fresno, MaryJane works without rest to realize her life’s work. Connect on LinkedIn.

Alumni Archive

Julissa Sanchez

Julissa Sanchez Graduating Spring 2016 I am a student completing my final year of undergraduate at UCSC, working towards a degree in Sociology and Politics with an emphasis in Global Enterprise [...]

Adriana Guevara

Adriana Guevara Graduating Spring 2016 I am into economic empowerment. That includes writing lesson plans for workshops, working with various age groups and striving towards a high quality of living for [...]

Tyler Spencer

Tyler Spencer Graduating Spring 2016 My project took place in Johannesburg and the surrounding regions, working with young adults on problems they faced in their community. We used digital mapping as a tool [...]

Tonje Switzer

Tonje Switzer Graduating Spring 2016 Trilingual Norwegian transplant pondering solutions of how to accommodate mass-migration to urban areas while promoting sustainability in terms of environment, economy, and equality. My involvement in [...]

Brendin Nye

Brendin Nye Graduating Spring 2016 After graduating with a BA in Environmental Studies from UC Santa Cruz, I'll be pursuing a BS degree in Computer Science at UC Irvine. Through teaching tech labs [...]

Wendy Renteria

Wendy Renteria Graduating Spring 2016 I am really interested in education and job training, especially for women. I am also passionate about sustainable development and social entrepreneurship. I did my project [...]

Daisy Zurita

Social justice areas of Interest My social justice areas of interest include women's rights, education, fair trade, wages and labor. What you enjoy to do in your free time or something unique [...]

Ryan Shook

Greetings, I am first generation, senior transfer, and re-entry student, as well a father of two. My extensive life experiences has led me back to school, and in this time, I have come to realize [...]

Michelle Abi Najem

Hello, I am a fourth year at UCSC majoring in Cultural Anthropology and minoring in Politics and GISES. I am first generation Lebanese American intrigued by diverse cultures as well as Middle [...]

Priscilla Lopez-Rios

  Hi everyone! I am a fourth year student and I am interested in issues involving the accessibility to education, technology, and information for those in underrepresented and underserved communities. My future goal [...]