The Everett Program

The Everett Program empowers students to use the technical, educational, and research resources of the university to work directly with communities, empowering people to design practical solutions to persistent problems. Our aim is to pursue social change through proactive solutions that make an immediate and enduring impact

Annual Report

The year of 2019 was marked by tremendous growth, expansion, and new ideas. The 2019 Annual Report is here to guide you through everything we’ve been working on. Included are project spotlights, updates on our pedagogy, finance reports and a letter from ours directors, Chris Benner & Katie Roper.

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Everett in Three Videos

What is Everett?

If you want to know Everett in under 4 minutes, watch our stunning video.

Our Namesake

Dorothy Everett was a courageous woman who broke glass ceilings and defied discrimination. In 2014, the Fellows were proud to rename the Global Information Internship Program to the Everett Program. Watch her inspiring story.

True Student Ownership

Everett Fellows are undergraduate students who operate the Everett Program and sit as owners and the board of directors. Everett Fellows control the annual project funds, teach tech labs, and make this grand experiment possible.

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The Story Thus Far


Discontented and proactive students demand a space to deal with issues brought up in Sociology 15: World Society. “Give us hope, solutions, or help us make a difference” they demand.


The Global Information Internship Program (GIIP) working group of students explore “tools” for supporting those most marginalized by globalization.


GIIP is a two hour class and lab run/primarily taught by student leaders called “Fellows”.


GIIP becomes a series of 3-unit classes.


GIIP receives $300,000 grant to expand work with African health organizations.


Sociology Department approves GISES Major and Minor.


Students run campaign for referendum fees. Students say yes.  Annual funds support student projects.  “F*ck Theory. Get Hands On.”


University of California Leadership Training Institute (UCLTI) evolves into the first Youth Empowerment Institute.  In one week, Everett students train young women from the Pajaro Valley to learn coding and create their own app about college access.


Dr. Paul Lubeck and UCSC alumnus Mark Headley begin process of creating Dorothy E. Everett Endowed Chair and renaming the GIIP to the Everett Program.
Establishment of the Executive Fellowship Program.


Dr. Paul Lubeck retires; Chris Benner becomes first D.E.E. Chair of the Everett Program.
Everett moves its office to the old Social Science Media Lab, increasing its floor space tenfold


A new logo is created.

The Everett Alumni Foundation is founded.


The most tech labs are being taught ever.


Sociology 30A becomes the biggest class in Fall yet — 100 students.