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Community Engaged Research Institute 2016

Educate and inspire UCSC students to use digital tools and social entrepreneurship skills to advance social justice and promote sustainability.

We train dozens of outstanding students each year to implement Social Enterprise projects. These students need orgs with whom to work and design a project that will benefit all involved: You, them, and the community you serveLearn More
Everett merges the enthusiasm of student leaders with information technology to promote structural social change by building social networking capacity across non-governmental and community-based organizationsLearn More
Many students at UCSC have said that Everett was the defining aspect of their baccalaureate career. If you want to learn real world skills while pursuing your passion, then Everett is definitely for youLearn More
Everett is partially funded by the university, but we never have enough to help all our students reach their potential, or implement as many projects locally and abroad. Your donation will help us pay staff and support our operating budgetLearn More

What are Everett Projects?

The heart and soul of the Everett Program are student projects. College students  have a fire inside and want to change the world, but too often  are not given a chance to tackle the issues about which they so deeply care. We take student passion and help temper it with social enterprise and startup practices so that they can design a polished, doable project that will tackle their issue from their own unique angle. Everett projects take students across the globe, around the country, and out in the streets of our own county. Come and see what we’re capable of! See Them All =>

Everett is Global

Everywhere. Inequality and injustice know no boundaries, nor do the passions of our students. We empower undergrads to cross borders and implement projects abroad, or stay here in the states and tackle issues close to home.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) should be tools of empowerment for all people. We believe in learning appropriate technologies in order to identify the correct tool to use in a given situation. Projects take our students across the world and they understand the folly of thrusting technology onto communities.

Decades of failed development projects have taught us that the old model of parachuting into a community, deciding what they need to ‘fix’ them, and then leaving without taking steps to consider whether the project was working is no longer viable (it never was). We teach a philosophy of community engagement and listening. Communities know what they need, it’s our job to help them achieve it.

Empowerment and sustainability go hand in hand. When we work with communities, we empower them to use technological tools and best practices of enterprise so that once we leave, the project won’t collapse. One of our mottos is “Don’t take the missionary position”, in other words, don’t create a situation wherein a community or org is dependent on you for the sustainability of a project.